Plating worker 电镀工(ID3015)



  • 间隔六天制
  • 早班 8am- 4:50pm,晚班 11:25pm-8:10am

Working Hour:

  • Alternate 6 working days
  • Morning shift 8am- 4:50pm,Night shift 11:25pm-8:10am

Job Descriptions :

  • Pure water & PUB water operation
  • Manual supply chemical
  • Handling of chemical and transporting of chemical
  • In Housekeeping (5S)
  • Maintenance of machine, chemical tank and production area.

Job Requirements:

  • Willing to cooperate with the company’s arrangement.
  • Able to work overtime if company require.
  • Physically fit.
  • Work in a warm and humid environment.
  • No colour blind & No Chemical allergy.